Controlling Weeds the Environmentally Safe Way

Weeds are really just one type of plant that we have decided shouldn’t be growing in one particular place. Wild orchids growing in Hawaii are considered weeds. It’s just your point of view as to what makes a weed a weed. Some weed-type plants are invasive and fast growing. Their growth habit overtakes our cultivated turf plants, depriving them of food and water. Other weeds are extremely noxious and cause problems for people if they get close them.

In the lawn, the most common weeds are just a nuisance. Most don’t cause skin reactions or breathing difficulties, they just don’t look good. What they’re also telling us is that the lawn isn’t as healthy as it should be.

The best way to prevent weeds is by maintaining a thick, healthy lawn. One Call takes the right steps, at the right time, to prevent lawn-destroyers like crabgrass and dandelions from gaining a foothold in your lawn.

Only One Call Lawn Care takes a 99.3% chemical-free approach to weeds with its proprietary blend of weed controller. Now you can feel more at ease while combating over 100 different weeds in a single application.