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Ornamental Tree Care

One Call Lawn Care also provides its customers with Tree Care Programs based on sound Plant Health Care management practices. Plant Health Care closely parallels human health management systems in that it stresses early detection of problems, frequent monitoring, preventative care and the use of diverse treatment options.

Lawn and Landscape Professional CareIn designing a custom Plant Health Care program for your property, our representative will carefully evaluate the overall health of your plants and base all recommendations on the specific needs of each of these plants.

Some of the components of Plant Health Care may involve fertilization, insect and disease management, proper pruning, proper mulching and proper watering.

Our highly trained staff will provide you with the most cost effective and environmentally friendly methods for maintaining the overall health & beauty of your valuable landscape plantings.

Integrated Pest Management

Our plant health care programs are based on the theory of Integrated Pest Management (IPM).

With IPM, a trained individual will inspect the plant material and will only treat the plants if and when there is a need. This is a big change from the practices of the past (which some companies still follow) where the technician will simply 'blanket spray' all trees & shrubs if they need the treatment or not.

IPM is much more environmentally friendly than blanket spraying. The trick to IPM is having the right people, with the proper training to spot the problems that arise.

Mention insect and disease management and most people immediately think of spraying. Spraying is certainly an important part of managing insects & diseases, however, with an IPM program, many other things must be considered when looking at the plant as a whole. Things like proper fertilization, watering practices, proper pruning and mulching all contribute to keeping a plant healthy.

Professional Lawn Care

One Call does both my lawn and tree care. Every spring I have another company knock on my door to gain my business. My question to them always is "How can you make my lawn look better than it does?" They always leave without my business. I am very satisfied with One Call.

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