We’ve got you covered for tree and shrub care.

From the bushes on the side of the house to the ornamental tree you planted years ago with your kids, we take pride in making your landscaping look professional.

Protecting Your Ornamental Trees with Dormant Oil Spray

The beauty of your landscape is enhanced by healthy trees and shrubs. One Call’s protective treatments will keep your landscape free from pests and insects all season long.

Part of that protection is applying a dormant oil spray to your ornamental trees at exactly the right time of the year to be most effective and provide the best protection. Dormant oil kills many of the insect eggs that were laid on ornamental trees the following season. Timing of this application is critical.

Not only does dormant oil control these harmful insects, but it also reduces the threat of many diseases these insects carry and can infect your valuable ornamental landscape plantings.

Landscape Shrubs & Trees

Trees provide dramatic vertical layering within the landscape and garden, shrubs are the primary way gardeners can diversity the garden horizontally. Shrubs are also a useful source for food and cover for wildlife on a smaller scale, often down to ground level.

Special fertilization for Trees and Shrubs

A very important component of any Plant Health Care program is fertilization. If a plant does not have the proper types and amounts of nutrients, the plant will not be as strong as it should be. A vigorously growing plant is not only beautiful to look at but is also able to maintain a higher level of good health by naturally resisting insect and disease attacks. A program of regular fertilization with a balances blend of nutrients will maintain a deeper, more fibrous root system. A deeper root system helps a plant survive prolonged periods of drought and more fibrous roots are better able to absorb needed nutrients and water.

The proper time to fertilize shrubs is when the plants are dormant (early spring or late fall). The fertilizer is injected about 6 inches deep, under pressure in a grid pattern. The fertilizer is injected around the base of the tree and under the entire drip line. Since the fertilizer is injected under pressure, it spreads horizontally through the soil and provides a uniform amount to the entire root system. The root system is literally bathed in the nutrients. Soil microbes then slowly breakdown the fertilizer to provide a slow, controlled release of the nutrients.

Facts About Shrubs

Just as trees create shady microclimates in the landscape, shrubs provide cover for some smaller shade-loving plants. In natural plant communities, these beneficiaries include young trees conditioned to grow up in cover provided by shrubs.

The word shrub comes from an Old English word meaning brushwood. Not exactly flattering! Even lowlier is its variant scrub, one of whose meanings is anything undersized or inferior.

Humble beginnings or not, today there’s nothing inferior about shrubs. Often standing midway in height between trees and flowers, shrubs provide a visual transition.


One Call’s Shrub Care

The fertilizers we use have some “special” ingredients such as sea kelp, beneficial rhizobacteria, bio-stimulant complexes, humic acid, micronutrients and soil surfactant. These additional products are designed to modify and improve the soil environment creating a more favorable atmosphere for roots to thrive. While this sounds very technical, what it means is that your plants are getting an excellent blend of products with the deep root fertilization.