Lawn Fertilization

There are many crucial times throughout the year in which your lawn is vulnerable to malnourishment, disease, insects, and weather conditions. One Call’s balanced and timely approach to lawn care makes the most of your lawn’s organic growth and defense cycles to give you the greenest, healthiest-looking lawn you’ve ever had.

Our Annual Lawn Care Program

For the lawn you’l l love without the work and worry!

Season Special Needs
Early Spring Nutrient-rich feeding and crabgrass prevention brings your lawn back to life.
Late Spring Balanced fertilization with Pre & Post-Emergent weed control
Early Summer Feeding and spot treatments of weeds and surface feeding insects
Late Summer Balanced fertilization for disease protection and spot treatment of Broadleaf weed control
Early Fall Nutrient repair of Summer stress and Broadleaf weed control
Late Fall Balanced fertilization for stronger roots, Post-Emergent weed control
Early Winter Extra nutrients so grass plants will store vital elements, helping to withstand the long months of dormancy ahead.