Controlling Lawn Insects

There are more than a few lawn insects in Central Ohio that can cause grass to turn yellow or brown, or even die, especially if the grass is already stressed. Damage usually begins in scattered small patches, which may merge into large dead areas.

Insects that do infest home lawns are often difficult to observe and their presence may go undetected unless careful observation is made during the growing season. Plus, it’s easy for insect damage can be mistaken for other problems such as drought damage or dog urine burn.

Our professional staff is trained to look for and identify specific lawn insects found in our area. In most cases, we can prevent lawn insect damage before it occurs.

Central Ohio has a host of potential insect problems that can damage an otherwise beautiful lawn. One Call’s insect elimination and prevention will keep your lawn safe from insect infestations all year.

Common lawn damaging insects found in Central Ohio:


Chinch bugs

Sod Webworms